Together we sound

Juego presentado en la #QuedateEnTuCasa Jam

"You, that robotic ball, wake up in a world where you are greeted by another robotic ball that instructs you on what to do to listen to that music again, just like in the old days."

The use of HEADPHONES is mandatory to achieve a complete experience.

Movement: Press W to move forward, S to backward, aiming the camera with the mouse.

Objective: Guided by the sound location and the volume, try to find lost music pieces within the world, and make it to follow you to the target area one at a time.


Developer: Martin Isla

Sound designer, Developer: Cristian J. Perez

Musician: Pablo Duran (Pablus Tertius song)

Musician: Javier Gonzalez (Nimras song)

Musician: Manuel Benamo (Tides song)

Género: Puzzle

Plataformas: Windows

Engine: Unity

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