Slightly Magic

Remember to download the PDF guide below before playing!

Welcome to the amazing world of Magic!

With this guide, you’ll be performing for your friends in no time. This document is aimed for beginner solo Magicians or helpful assistants! If you seek for a little more difficulty, challenge yourself using only the appendix! Know your audience, study your tricks and seize the spotlight!

This game was originally submitted for the Pizza Jam 3 on Made in roughly 15 hours all throughout Saturday 29/07/2018 in Argentina. Thank you for playing we really hope you’ve enjoyed it. :)

Programming - Martin Isla & Macarena Haspert

Art - Katerine Olmazabal

Game Design & Writing - Matías Paredes

Music & SFX - Luciano Rizzo

Género: Puzzle

Plataformas: Web

Engine: Unity

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