Funeral Procession IN SPACE

Someone died - too bad.
All their friends are here - that's good!
The casket is loose in space! - oh no!
They can play together one last time! - . . . yay?

Game for 1-4 players. Keep the casket away from meteorites and from going away.
Push the casket with friends for a fun evening!

This game was made for the Pizza Jam 2019 in less than a day.
The theme we selected was Funeral Procession in Space (309)

Programming made by Macarena Haspert and Martin Isla

Art by Franco Chioraia, Kate Olmazabal and Andy Miravalles

Music by Lolo Gutierrez

Game Design by Matias Paredes

Rookbird Games, Argentina.

Género: Party game

Plataformas: Windows / Android

Engine: Unity

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