Fix my teen

Juego presentado en la Global Game Jam 2020

You're a depressed teen, you feel so broken and mad. Still you can make choices of the situations that you come by in order to feel better. You have a mood bar where you will see how bad or how good you are feeling. There are also questions where you can choose how you manage your emotions: two options are provided and if you choose well then you'll go to a minigame where you can pick things to increase your mood (or lower it if you can't beat the game!). If you choose the unhealthy option, you'll lose points and you can't play the minigame. Use the mouse to play to achieve happiness.



  • Ramiro Suriano
  • Ezequiel Pacios
  • Luciano Lapenna


  • Jupiter


  • Micah Cofre


  • Mery_Fenix
  • Uki

Género: Puzzle

Plataformas: Windows

Engine: Unity

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